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To provide AFFORDABLE Marketing & Promotional Service packages specifically tailored for the Independent Gospel Artist desiring to take their music ministry to the next dimension through television, radio and "live" engagement opportunities and to help heighten their ministries' visibility in the Kingdom. 






To help elevate and expand the presence, knowledge and visibility of Independent Gospel Artists who may not be signed to a major label by providing them with QUALITY engagement opportunities and to assist with increasing awareness of their ministries through EFFECTIVE and professional level marketing and promotions strategies.





Why Do I Need A Marketing & Promotions Professional?


That's a GREAT question!  After being in this industry for more than 30 years, I understand the necessity and urgency of making sure that you and your product are presented professionally and properly to the industry. You only get ONE CHANCE to make a first impression. How you go about doing that is CRITICAL to your future branding's success!  


I see far too many "artists" that don't have the necessary tools in place in order to help them succeed in what they say they want...a productive and progressive ministry.  If that's the case, you need to operate on the level that all of the heavy hitters are operating on. You need to STAND OUT from your co-horts in ministry.  It doesn't mean you have to spend the amount of money they are spending but quite honestly YOU MUST have the mentality that you are going to invest in yourself and give yourself a chance to make the best impression possible to industry insiders.  Cutting your CD or video project is just STEP 1 of the process. If no one knows you have a CD, Video, Book or Movie, what difference does it make that you've spent money producing it?  You're wasting your hard earned time and dollars by not having a PROFESSIONAL to assist you with PUSHING your project to the masses and extending the life of your project as far as it can live with an effective marketing campaign in place.


Our Marketing Plans are tailor-made for each Artists' needs, desires and strategic goals for their long-term success.  We'll find a balance between your personal "wants" and the services we offer to help you achieve marked gains.   


Please keep the following in mind:


1.  You need to have a MONTHLY BUDGET in place for 6 months to a year (or longer in some cases) to have a Marketing and Promotions professional to assist you with getting to your next level. We develop individual, customized campagins to suit your goals. Don't ever expect any professional to offer their services for free because I can guarantee you...they won't.  Anyone who says they'll do it for free, be sure to check their references and how KNOWN they are in the industry.  You DO get what you pay for. 


2.  Understand the difference between Marketing and Promotions.  A REAL professional will be able to discuss in detail the differences. Producing results takes time and requires patience on the parts of all parties involved but it will happen.  


3.  Stop expecting overnight success when your audience isn't that big yet. Allow God to take you through your individual process and ultimately He will bring you into your season of success and notoriety.  


4. Don't set unreasonable, unattainable or unrealistic goals for yourself or the marketing professionals you've hired to help you.  Working with a professional marketing agency should allow you to pace yourself in your journey.  Trust their recommendations and suggestions but above all trust that God will guide them in working for you and on your ministry's behalf.

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